After the Rain | Rebecca Koehn


After the Rain by Rebecca Koehn

Illustrated by Simone Krüger

Beaming Books, 2020, 32 pages

About the Author: Rebecca Koehn is a children’s book author and middle school teacher based in Kansas. In addition to After the Rain, she has written Behind the Scenes of Pro Football. She grew up as a big reader and found a love for picture books through raising her two sons. You can find out more about her at her website:

Social Media:

Twitter: @RJ_Koehn

About the Illustrator: Simone Krüger is a freelance illustrator based in Germany. She works with publishers such as Penguin Books, Hometown World Books and Storytime Magazine. She has experience in graphic design and is known for her illustrations in The Bubble Who Would not Pop, Catch Up, Koala, and Memorial Day. You can find more about her at: 

Social Media:

Instagram: @klabauterfrau_art
Twitter: @KlabauterfrauSK
Pinterest: Simone Krüger

“Building together is much more fun!”

Rainy day fun means splashes and sailing for Levi and his toy boat. Polly prefers stomping and guarding the river: no boats allowed! But rainy days don’t last forever, and as water begins flowing into the gutter, can these two work together to preserve the fun for the both of them?

After the Rain is a fresh and fun new look at rainy days, with a reminder that playtime is better when shared together. Rebecca and Simone combine rhymes and action words into the nostalgic images of flowing water and falling rain, whisking the reader into the fun.

The language in this book is simple and quick-paced, perfect for storytelling with younger kids. There are plenty of verbs and fun, descriptive rain vocabulary words for toddlers. With its bright colors and animated characters, After the Rain is the kind of book to pull out again and again in celebration of rainy days. 

PRR Writer, Mandy Becker

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