Camp Spirit | Axelle Lenoir


Camp Spirit  by Axelle Lenoir

Top Shelf Productions, 2020, 210 pages

Trigger Warning: Strong language 

About the Author: Axelle Lenoir started as a 2D video game artist but left to pursue writing. Her work takes on a beautiful blend of the natural and supernatural along with the urban and natural world. 

Twitter: Axellelenoirbd

Instagram: axlenoir


“Why doom Sunday for the camp theme song … because it might just be the greatest song every written”

Camp Spirit follows the story of Elodie’s summer job as a camp counselor before she goes off to college. It’s 1994 and Elodie is not a fan of the bugs, trees, and little redheaded monsters (her campers). Elodie would rather chill indoors and rock out but her mom brought her to camp. As time goes on, she finds out the woods, her campers, and her fellow counselors aren’t that bad. In fact, there’s more going on in these woods than Elodie originally thought. 

Camp Spirit rocks. The natural world and the world of rock and roll don’t cross often, but here it all works. The two main characters, Catherine and Elodie, come from opposite sides of the spectrum but, as Catherine helps Elodie learn about the wonder of nature and Elodie helps Catherine learn how to rock, the story blends into a beautiful coming of age story. Their relationship is well written. Their friendship that bleeds into more takes a realistic and dynamic flow throughout the story. We can see both characters maturing as people as they mature with each other.  The background characters are nice, but the camp chief stands out with dynamic movements and art style. All three jump off the page in this story. The art, partnered with a charming and engaging story, makes the pages fly by. If you are looking for a fun and entertaining story full of good times and a few supernatural horrors come on in to camp spirit. 

PRR Writer, Jon Kresal

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