Staying Together While Staying Apart | Shelter-in-Place Resources for Kids and Families


We are living in an unprecedented time, when physical distancing, quarantine, and health are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. These changes to a “new normal” can be challenging, but they are especially disruptive for children and families. As childcare centers, schools, and libraries are no longer options for many families, parents are being asked to parent… a lot. Our parents are becoming full-time teachers, providers, and entertainers, while many still continue to work. And that can be very stressful.

We want to provide parents with options as they search for ways to spend the days indoors, with squirmy four-year-olds and bored elementary school kids, without just plopping kids down in front of an iPad with games. Below are some online story time, online learning, and low-screen time activity ideas for kiddos and families to help quarantines pass quicker, and hopefully provide a little more connection. We are with you during this time, and parents, we think you are doing a great job. 

Online Storytime Resources:

Online Learning:

Low Screen-Time Activities:

  • Take kids on a nature walk around where you live! Look for insects, plants, or fun colors on the houses you see. Getting a little bit of exercise and sun will make days move by quicker.
  • Do a scavenger hunt in your home. Hide a few objects around your house and give clues to find them. This activity will allow children to look at their surroundings in a whole new way!
  • Make something together! Whether baking a favorite treat or combining random ingredients close to expiration date, this will give kids something to do with their hands. Measuring and counting out ingredients also help to establish early math and science skills.
  • Build a fort! There’s nothing better to do on a day cooped up indoors then to transport yourself to somewhere new with a little imagination. With some sheets and pillows you can make your living room into a secret hideaway.
  • Have a dance party! Put on your favorite tunes and shake your wiggles out.

PRR Writer, Mandy Becker