It Sounded Better In My Head | Nina Kenwood


It Sounded Better In My Head  by Nina Kenwood

Flatiron Books, 2020, 208 pages

Trigger Warnings: Divorce, body issues.

About the Author:  Nina Kenwood is an Australian author and winner of the 2018 Text Prize Award for It Sounded Better In My Head. While originally published in Australia in 2019, this young adult novel was published in the United States on April 7, 2020. Having worked in the publishing industry for over ten years, she’s compiled an excellent list of her favorite reads! Check it out on her website here: 


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Twitter: @NinaKenwood

“Every second of this is terrible and confusing and wonderful, and I love it and hate it in equal measures.”

In Nina Kendwood’s debut novel, main character Natalie overcomes the struggles of teenage years with her best friends and an unexpected romance along the way. When Nina unexpectedly learns of her parents pending divorce, life seems completely upside down. On top of that, her two best friends, Zach and Lucy, are dating, when Natalie had always pictured herself with Zach. While dealing with these struggles, as well as overcoming her insecurities about past acne and scarring, Natalie finally comes into her own. She opens up to the world, as well as a boy she never expected.

In this delightful coming of age novel, there are many issues addressed which aren’t frequently seen in this genre. The topic of body issues, specifically acne in this book, is one that almost every teenager has experienced at one point or another. The raw and vulnerable way this is addressed allows readers to relate to a character who has flaws, just as any normal person does. On top of the heavier details such as this and divorce, Kenwood utilizes charming dialogue and realistic characters to immerse readers into the wonderfully awkward years of a teenager.

PRR Writer, Leah Kist

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