Interview with J. Michael White


About the Author: J. Michael White is an award-winning journalist and author of young adult urban fantasy action-adventure stories. His career as a newspaper reporter gave him deep glimpses into the challenges of the world, from the struggles of foster care to the tragedies of murder and war. His fiction often reflects these experiences. Instead of setting his stories in alternate, dystopian futures, he looks at the dystopia of the world we live in today, through the lens of urban fantasy and adventure, with a little dark humor. Like all responsible adults, he spends his time playing video games, reading books, and watching cartoons. (bio from publicist)

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A huge thank you to author J. Michael White for the following interview with Pine Reads Review. His newest book, Jestin Kase and the Masters of Dragon Metal is coming 5.3.22 from Teer Publishing. Find our review of Jestin Kase and the Masters of Dragon Metal here!

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