Blood Moon Prophecy: The Legend of the Nyx | Dilani Kahawala


Blood Moon Prophecy: The Legend of the Nyx by Dilani Kahawala

Coming October 11 from Cedar Street Press; 460 pages

About the Author: “Dilani Kahawala earned her PhD in theoretical physics from Harvard, and began her career by working on extra dimensions (no, seriously!). She figured out pretty quickly that there weren’t many people who wanted to read her work as a theoretical physicist, so she began exploring new dimensions in fantasy fiction. Many of the characters in her stories are inspired by the various cultures she grew up in. Born in Sri Lanka, she has lived in New Zealand and Australia and now lives in the United States. When she’s not writing, she’s chasing after her two toddlers with her husband, eating pizza, and watching escapist movies.” (Bio taken from author’s website).

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“Wherever you are, Mama. I hope you can hear me. I’m going. I’m going to figure out our secret.”

Tilly Nyx made a deadly mistake eleven years ago that cost her everything she’s ever loved. Because of that mistake, she was forced to relocate to New York City, but a mysterious stranger told her that in eleven years, he would come back for her. All that she brought with her to this new life was an ancient map that she was tasked with keeping safe by her mother. Now sixteen, her life takes a drastic change when she is thrown into a mystical ocean-filled world and finds herself at the center of an ancient prophecy called the “Blood Moon Prophecy.” In this world, she is introduced to sprites (a kind of magic in this world), a thriving sailing culture, and a kingdom filled with ancient grudges dividing the people amongst themselves. Not only must Tilly learn the trade of this world, but she must solve the Blood Moon Prophecy before time runs out. But, Tilly will come to find the prophecy will reveal secrets of Tilly’s lineage that are perhaps best-kept secret. 

Blood Moon Prophecy was a breath of fresh air (or salty sea air) amongst the “Chosen One” trope, common in YA literature. Although this novel had many elements that reminded me of other YA novels of the same trope, Blood Moon Prophecy does a magnificent job distinguishing itself from the trope. It developed its own unique world, magic systems, and societal structure that aren’t based on cliches. One of the novel’s greatest strengths is its diverse set of characters. All the characters introduced had distinctive characteristics, abilities, and even quirks that made them stand out. Another thing I loved about this novel was the powerful friendship developed between Tilly and her team. Their interactions felt so natural and it was nice to see these characters interact with each other – their actions not entirely based on Tilly’s. And I loved the setting of this world. It made me reminiscent of the Sinbad of the Seven Seas tales, as I found it unique that the entirety of the plot took place on the sea. And finally, the sprites that the characters use to perform magic were described in a way that made it visually pleasing to imagine. 

The one critique I have about this novel, due to its incredibly detailed nature, was that it sometimes felt as though it threw too much information at the reader at once. There were times when I would lose track of the plot due to me trying to retain all the new information regarding certain characters’ backgrounds, the laws/customs of this society, and even the abilities of the different sprites. However, I believe this overload does not diminish the value of the book because it puts us precisely in the same position as the main character Tilly. Tilly is expected to understand the goings on of this world despite not having been a part of it for eleven years, so it makes sense that readers feel overwhelmed just like the main character. This creates a shared experience which I believe helps readers develop an even more personal connection with the book.

Overall, I found Blood Moon Prophecy an extraordinary read. It is filled with thrills, hardships, friendships, and of course magic. If you are a fan of the Percy Jackson Series or the Harry Potter Series, I would highly recommend giving this book a read!

Blood Moon Prophecy: The Legend of the Nyx releases on October 11th, 2022.

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PRR Writer, Tereza Rascon

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