Writing My Own Story | Welcoming Adrienne Park to the Pine Reads Team


I’ve never been great at subjects like math or science. Learning how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell or the fact that I had to learn how to use equations like y = mx + b never appealed to me. Maybe things like this didn’t appeal to anyone throughout their schooling, at least not until college, but I knew from a young age that writing was something I had to pursue. I chose creative writing; not because I wasn’t great at other subjects, but because I knew that writing was something I wanted to pursue ever since I wrote the first detailed fiction story that I could remember. Whether it was reading for pleasure or reading required texts given to me by former teachers, I had always loved reading fiction. Writing is something I have always been drawn to — the idea that you can step out of reality, your comfort zone, and create a new world is something I have always wanted to do. I have always felt that writing gave me more freedom than many things do in life. I also have been able to tie in my love for movies and television shows into my love for writing.

I was lucky enough to go to a college where they had both a major and a minor that I could enjoy. The combination of writing and movies/television shows are what entertain me the most. I get a lot of inspiration from movies and television shows, and a lot of my motivation comes from authors whose books turn into movies and writers who create shows that last years and years. Writing has become a comfort and an escape from reality for me; the pressures of school, the drama of life, all of that disappears when I type on my laptop or watch a show or movie that sparks my creative flow. 

I’ve been lucky enough to learn different styles of writing, from journalistic writing and interviewing, to creative nonfiction, to my favorite: fiction writing. There were significant moments in the past years where I knew I was pursuing something I truly enjoyed.  From seeing my published articles in the high school newspaper to having my college classmates enjoy my work through workshops; and now having the opportunity to have blogs and reviews published for Pine Reads Review, I am comfortable saying that this is the direction I am supposed to go. I am happy that I continued to stick with what I know that I love to do because now I am lucky to be a part of Pine Reads Review, where I will be able to learn more about writing. I’m excited to get one step closer to my goal of pursuing a career in the writing industry and hopefully being able to publish works that will be read by teenagers and young adults down the road. 

I am excited to see how being a part of the Pine Reads team will help me accomplish my goals. 

PRR Writer, Adrienne Park