Water: Discovering the Precious Resource All Around Us | Olga Fadeeva

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Out now from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers; 29 pages

About the Author: “Olga Fadeeva is the author and illustrator of Wind: Discovering Air in Motion (Eerdmans) and many other books for children. In a starred review, Kirkus called Wind ‘thoroughly engaging…masterful in both design and imagery.’ Olga’s art has been honored in Italy, China, and her home country of Russia” (Bio from publisher’s website).

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About the Translator: “Lena Traer is a Russian-and English-language translator with a focus on books for children and young adults. She has translated Wind: Discovering Air in Motion and On the Edge of the World (both Eerdmans) into English and has also translated a variety of picture books and scientific materials into Russian. Born and raised in Siberia, Russia, Lena now lives in San Francisco” (Bio from publisher’s website).

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“No living being—whether plant or animal—can survive without water. What is water, then, if not the most precious resource on our planet?”

There is a lot more to know about water than you may think. There are different forms in which we see water—such as rain, rivers, lakes, and oceans—and every single one of them has its own story. There are animals in the water, there are places that rely on very little water, and there are cities that are planted on shores just to be closer to the water. Olga Fadeeva’s Water goes over all of these things and more in an awe-inspiring picture book full of blue hues and lovely landscapes, including a gorgeous one resembling Pine Reads’s hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

When I heard the title of this book, I thought I knew how this review was going to go. I was going to tell you it was a book about water, so, obviously, it would have to be boring. Instead, I found that water and its forms can be surprisingly interesting, and this is coming from someone who did not enjoy science as a kid. A big reason for my disinterest in science was that I never felt like I was getting the full story of how things work and why, but Fadeeva presents what feels like the full story in a very clear manner. I will admit, it felt like an awful lot of words for a children’s book. The bigger words can serve as an introduction to a more scientific vocabulary, though younger children may prefer just to look at the stunning artwork. The artwork is reminiscent of Bengt Elde, a Swedish artist who often painted people against watery backdrops. I challenge readers to take away at least one fun fact every time you read it—because believe me, at the very least, you’ll open it up again just for the pictures. I know I will.

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Abby Ballas, Pine Reads Review Editor, Writer, & Website Manager


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  1. I want to read it and see the beautiful pictures

  2. Saida says:

    This review has sparked my interest in the book; it was exceptionally well-described.

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