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Tucson is a beautiful city with many artistic qualities. The community is diverse with many individuals from different places that bring unique styles, perspectives, and liveliness to the city itself. Carnegiea Magazine focuses on highlighting upcoming young artists and their work whether it be poetry, digital art, paintings/drawings, photography, and much more. The biggest inspiration for the magazine is the community of Tucson and trying to create spaces for people of all types and ages. They focus their works on uplifting young artists in the community and giving them a chance to get their work out into the world. 

Carnegiea is a student run magazine that focuses on the creativity that young adults can produce for the media and community. The team started with two of the current members, Sharmila Dey and Genevieve Erickson, realizing that there wasn’t a magazine aimed for young adults specifically in the market. They wanted to create one that highlighted those in between the ages of 14 -18 and some in college because there aren’t magazines for the teenage youth voice, which is really important so that they’re able to be heard as well. The goal is to provide the largest platform for youth in Southern Arizona. They want to be able to feature as much of the youth as they can, so that others can see their work. Once the

Carnegiea Team established the goal for what they wanted to create, they found their tech, Henry Harms who’s also an Editor, and created the website off of the beauty in Tucson. The Sonoran Desert is mainly shown because Tucson is a dry state, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. The Carnegiea Team looks for all types of content because they feel that art comes in all forms. 

Carnegiea Magazine just finished their first print issue of their magazine. The staff was more selective when choosing content for their first print magazine, which included 41 artists, 8 being from the Carnegiea team. During their launching at the Poetry Center at the University of Arizona, they had many stations that showcased the different types of art that they produce and share on their website. One of the stations was called “Black Out Poetry,” where the Carnegiea Team had many newspapers, tape and sharpies for the individuals of the community to use in order to create a poem during that specific moment. While promoting their first print, there was live music and a poetry venue to represent new artists in the community. The set-up of the event was really beautiful and there was a lot of positive interaction with the team, artists, and guests. Carnegiea hopes to have a spring and fall edition and also pop up galleries to display the new artwork of their artists. They also hope to collaborate in the future with music artists because everyone enjoys music and they want to help the community connect in different ways. 

After speaking with such driven high school students, it gives me hope that our community will be in the hands of wonderful individuals who promote diversity and the coming togetherness of those from different backgrounds. The Carnegiea Magazine’s first print edition is only the start of so much more from these high school students. Those a part of the Tucson community should really look into their content and all they’ve done thus far to help those around them because they’re making a difference by giving opportunities to young adults whose voices deserve to be heard.

PRR Writer, Ajia Barnes


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