The Merciless | Danielle Vega


The Merciless

Danielle Vega

Razorbill, 2014

Hardback, 279 pages

Trigger Warnings: Torturing, blood, explicit language, witchcraft

About the Author: Danielle Vega is the pseudonym for Danielle Rollins who wrote The Merciless series along with Survive the Night and Burning. This sparky woman grew up hiding under covers while her mother read her stories right out of a Stephen King novel. Living in Brooklyn with her husband and cat, Rollins novels have been acquired by Lionsgate and Warner Bros.

“Forgive us, father, for we have sinned.”

This story begins with a young girl by the name of Sofia Flores. She has never had a group of friends for too long with her mother being a nurse in the Army. But, when she moves to a new school, Sofia immediately befriends a dark humored girl named Brooklyn, starting the beginning of the end.
This a twist to the classic mean girls story. Locked in a high school bathroom, Riley, Grace and Alexis are determined to baptize Sofia and induct her into their group. With Sofia becoming quick friends with the leader of the pack, she immediately learns that Brooklyn may not be who she seems. When the three girls trap Sofia in an abandoned house with Brooklyn, duct taped at the bottom of the attic, she is forced into performing an exorcism on a innocent young girl, or so she thinks.
Danielle Vega delivers a horror filled story full of vengeance, friendship and dark witchcraft. If you are a fan of Stephen King or looking for a short campfire story, this book is your perfect match.

PRR Writer, Elizabeth McCormick



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