The Halloween Tree | Susan Montanari


The Halloween Tree by Susan Montanari

Illustrated by Teresa Martinez

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2019, 32 pages

About the Author: Susan Montanari grew up in Savannah, Georgia and later started a career in Children’s Literature. She has written numerous books, including My Dog’s A Chicken, The Day Sasquatch Ate My Journal and Hip-Hop Lollipop

About the Illustrator: Teresa Martinez is a talented artist who has illustrated over a dozen picture books. She has illustrated such books as Dear Abuelo, It’s Not a School Bus, It’s a Pirate Ship, and La magia de Azul.

“The little tree grumbled. ‘I don’t want to become a Christmas tree, and I’m not going to.’”

As Christmas grows closer, everyone goes to the Christmas tree farm to find a pine tree to bring home and decorate. Families look up and down at tall trees,

skinny trees and even young saplings. All the saplings are excited to become Christmas trees, but one is different. One tree is gnarled and small. It’s grumpy and does not want to become a Christmas tree. But it’s not long until the gnarled tree starts to feel alone.

Susan Montanari has written a story that shows readers about love and belonging. Martinez’ illustrations are the perfect companion to Montanari’s story. Martinez fills the pages with adorable and gnarled illustrations that make this a great addition to any kid’s Halloween collection.

PRR Writer, Christopher Lee

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