Piñata Moon | Torran Anderson


Piñata Moon by Torran Anderson

Look Out Behind You Books, 2019, 211 pages

Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Alcohol Use

About the Author: Torran Anderson is from the desert town of Tucson, Arizona. He has published over 50 books and loves doing writing workshops with schools and community groups. Torran is currently working on his Tiny Things project as part of the Piñata Moon book. You can send him the “tiny things” you like about living through his website: torrananderson.com

“You get drunk and it wears off, you fall in love and quickly climb out of it.”

Enzo Jones has lost a friend, maybe even more.  He’ll never know because that part of his life is gone now—forever—and the endless nights cruising with his buddies and looking for parties isn’t enough to fill the hole that J’s suicide has left.  With no one but the moon to guide him through his grief, the desert night stretches on in an endless sea of lost souls and unsung potential.  Why did she do it?  Could he have made a difference?  Some questions may never have answers, but life will go on without them.

Using poetic verse and conjectural lists, as well as a voyeuristic—and sometimes cryptic—social media feed from the perspective of the moon, Piñata Moon deftly explores the complex issues of teen suicide and the effects it can have on the people it leaves behind. Seen through the lens of a Tucson teenager, Anderson’s narrative considers the value of life and its potential, as well as the questions left unanswered after the sudden, jarring absence of a loved one. Partly an ode to the desert landscape, the striking imagery and poetic language serves as a warm background for a cold subject, creating a juxtaposition that fuels the piecemeal story toward a daring conclusion that pushes the reader into existential reflection. Edgy, inventive, and sincere, Anderson gives the reader a new look at an old medium, creating a unique experience that keeps hold of the reader long after the last page has been turned.

PRR Writer: Joe Buckler

Instagram: @imwithjoebuckler

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