Different-A Great Thing to Be! | Heather Avis


Different-A Great Thing to Be! by Heather Avis;

Illustrated by Sarah Mensinga

Out now by Waterbrook Press; 40 pages

About the Author:
“Heather Avis is a shouter of worth and narrative shifter. As an author, podcaster
(theluckyfewpodcast.com), speaker, influencer (@TheLuckyFewOffical) and dedicated wife and
mom she is on a mission to make a more inclusive world in which everyone can belong. You
can learn more about her, her family and her mission by visiting TheLuckyFew.com.” (Bio taken
from author’s Amazon profile.)

About the Illustrator:
“I’m originally from Canada, but I now live in Texas with my husband, three kids, and two cats.
These days, I’m illustrating, writing novels and picture books, and sometimes working in the
animation industry. My artwork is represented by Shannon Associates. For updates on new
projects, follow me on the social media links below.” (Bio taken from illustrator’s website.)

“Choose to embrace all that you are so others will see that Different is a great thing to

Macy isn’t like the other kids. She’s Different! And she doesn’t want to be anything else. No one
understands her strange quirks, but Macy doesn’t care. She is unapologetically herself! She is
bubbly, kind, quiet, outgoing, and proud to be Different. Her confidence and bravado soon rubs
off on others, and they, too, soon understand that being Different is a great thing to be!

Different-A Great Thing to Be! is such a cute story that shares the importance of inclusivity. We
don’t have to look the same, act the same, or like the same things in order to be accepted.
Being different is wonderful and the best thing to be. This story highlights why accepting
differences in others creates an inclusive environment. Something I really loved about Macy is
that she didn’t let the other kids’ remarks about her stop her from expressing her true self.
Ultimately, her bravery in being herself helped other kids embrace their uniqueness as well. This
is a lovely book that shows children the importance of being themselves while accepting others’

PRR Writer and Editor, Taylor Quinn