Aquicorn Cove | Katie O’Neill


Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill

Oni Press, 2018, Hardcover, 90 pages

About the Author: Katie O’Neill is an award-winning writer and illustrator from New Zealand. In 2014, her book Princess Princess Ever After was named “Favorite Graphic Novel/Book” by Autostraddle and was nominated for a Cybils award. Later in 2016, her book The Tea Dragon Society won two Eisner Awards and the Dwayne McDuffle Award for Kid’s Comics. She has written many Middle-grade books and plans to release another in late 2019.

“The Aquicorns are gentle and kind, they don’t deserve to lose their home.”

Lana and her dad return to help their Aunt Mae after a devastating storm has torn through her village. Aunt Mae’s home is a wreck and the other villagers are trying to rebuild. One day, Lana takes a break on the seashore and discovers the sea is full of Aquicorns. But she soon learns this magical seahorse’s home is also dying.

Aquicorn Cove is a heart-warming graphic novel that will remind readers how important it is to take care of the world around us. Through her graphic novel, Katie O’neill teaches young readers the impact we have on our oceans in a way that’s engaging and encouraging.  With diverse characters and a magical setting, Aquicorn Cove succeeds at both stirring our imagination and showing us how important it is to look after our environment.

PRR Writer, Christopher Lee

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