Book Banning & Censorship Panel

Pine Reads partnered with the University of Arizona’s Debate Series to host a panel about book banning and censorship in November 2022.
UA Debate Series’ director and creative writing professor Ted McLoof contacted PRR about working on a panel together earlier in 2022. Over the summer, PRR staff pitched ideas to Ted and the Debate Series on panel topics. Once the topic of book banning and censorship was chosen, PRR worked to contact panelists and the UA Debate Series began planning the event.
The panel featured authors and educators across the nation, all of whom have some experience with the issue of book banning, challenging, and censorship. The panelists included:
  • The University of Arizona’s Poetry Center Library Director Sarah Kortemeier
  • Worlds of Words’ Associate Director Rebecca Ballenger
  • High school English teacher Summer Boismier
  • Writer and award-winning journalist Dashka Slater
  • Children’s and YA author Brandy Colbert
  • Children’s author Cynthia Harmony

To watch a livestream of the panel, check out UA Debate Series’ Instagram post here!