What We Harvest | Ann Fraistat


What We Harvest by Ann Fraistat

Out Now from Delacorte Press; 336 pages

Content Warnings: Animal violence, contagion, possession, blood, and gore violence.

About the Author: “Ann Fraistat is an author, playwright, and narrative designer. Her co-author credits include plays such as Romeo & Juliet: Choose Your Own Ending and alternate reality games sponsored by the National Science Foundation. She is a graduate of NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute and was selected for mentorship in Pitch Wars 2018 and 2019. Born and raised in Maryland, Ann lives with her husband and ever-adorable cats, Ollie and Sophie.” (Bio taken from author’s website.)

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“If you think you are getting anywhere near my family, you are dead wrong. Emphasis on ‘dead.’”

Hollow’s End is known for its magical crops, including iridescent wheat, which Wren’s family harvests on their farm. But when a blight ruins the crops and infects the livestock and townspeople, turning them into zombie-like creatures, Wren is left struggling to find answers. Her love for her small hometown has her desperate for help, even if that means turning to her ex-boyfriend, Derek. Their families helped found Hollow’s End, and the cost was steep. Now, Wren and Derek are left to settle these centuries-old debts.

What We Harvest was a refreshing read! The story is complex and full of action that isn’t dragged out over hundreds of pages. Ann Fraistat does a great job of keeping the plot moving and the characters (and readers) and their toes. I’m not someone who typically enjoys reading horror, but there was something about this story that kept me going. I needed to know how Wren and Derek were going to work together—because working with your ex? Awkward. But, on their own or together, they are both complex and relatable characters. They’re faced with tough decisions to make and difficult (but normal) teenage emotions that make the entire situation hard to navigate. Whether you like zombies, romance, ancient secrets, or a creepy sci-fi read, What We Harvest has got something for everyone to enjoy!

PRR Writer and Editor Taylor Quinn