The Truth of Right Now | Kara Lee Corthron


The Truth of Right Now by Kara Lee Corthron
Out now from Simon Pulse Publishing; 280 pages.

Trigger Warning: mild violence

About the Author: Kara Lee Corthron has written many plays, including AliceGraceAnon, Welcome to Fear City, Listen for the Light, and Holly Down in Heaven. The Truth of Right Now is her first novel.

“I am angry. It is illegal for me to be angry. Remember: Don’t get angry. It is illegal to be a black man and be angry. Right. Got it. I will remember this next time (252).”

The Truth of Right Now explores what it means to be an interracial couple in upper-side Manhattan. The story follows Lily Kellerman who is returning to school after a year off due to attempting suicide. In her fatal efforts to try and fit in with her old friends, she meets Darimauritius (Dari) who is struggling with demons of his own. He comes from a broken home and tries to give Lily the support she needs while attempting to keep himself upright. The story opens with Lily on her first day back at school, battling bullies and harsh stares in the hallway. The narrative switches between the point of view of Lily and Dari, a foreboding artist who would trade a cafeteria tray for an easel in a heartbeat. When Dari and Lily’s relationship takes off they find themselves attracted to one another in more ways than one and must learn how to survive amongst unforeseen tragedy and imperfect choices.

PRR Editor, Nora Gaarder