The Police and Me | Derrick Dotson


The Police and Me written by Derrick Dotson & illustrated by Sandra Figueras

Out Now from The Black Sanctuary; 62 pages

About the Author: “Derrick Dotson, the founder of The Black Sanctuary, is a long-time public servant with more than twenty years of experience in law enforcement and private security. He has worked on the federal, state, and municipal levels of government and has also spearheaded community initiatives to create and maintain safe communities” (Bio from Amazon).”

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About the Illustrator: “I am a digital artist and character designer based in Spain.

My passion for illustration and drawing appeared during the first years of my life when I discovered the magic of creating with a pencil and paper, this has made me curious and observant, amazed by the beauty that the simplest of things contains. .

My goal was clear; be graduated as a professional illustrator at the School of Art! However, it was not until 6 years after graduation that I decided to dedicate 100% to illustration. Fascinated by character design and animation, I started my journey alone, since it is in a self-taught way that I continue to learn more, having the will to deepen my knowledge in visual development.

Currently I work as a freelance for several clients in the field of editing and animation.

When I’m not drawing or I need to take a break, I like to watch animation movies, and when I need to move my body I put my skates and go out with my rollerblading friends.” (Bio from Illustrator’s Website).

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“You can see where the police work and learn more about what they do so you aren’t as nervous.”

On their way to grab ice cream, Duke and his father are stopped by the police due to a speeding infraction. After seeing his son’s fearful response to the interaction, Duke’s father offers to take him to the police station for a tour so that Duke can learn more about the police force. Through this experience, Duke learns about the different types of law enforcement, the reasons people get arrested, and ultimately what to do when stopped by the police.

Bursting with vibrant illustrations, The Police and Me opens the doorway for deeper conversations about law enforcement that may be difficult to have with children. The picture book provides an introduction to varying terms ranging from detectives to suspects to jail, making it easy for younger readers to understand the police system on a surface level. In particular, I enjoyed the section that details the DOs and DON’Ts when encountering the police since it highlights ways to decrease the risk of harm. I know as a kid, I would have appreciated a colorful way of learning how to respond to police without fear. The Police and Me creatively teaches children how to talk to law enforcement while also scraping the surface of associated dangers, making it an informative read for inquisitive readers.

PRR Writer, Editor, and Social Media Manager, Emily Abundis