The Last Love Song | Kalie Holford


Coming April 9th, 2024 from Blackstone Publishing; 250 pages

About the Author: “Kalie Holford is a college student studying Fine Arts in the Pacific Northwest where she lives with her family and two puppies. She loves writing books about messy girls falling in love, teens finding the truest version of themselves, and the power of love stories. Her debut novel, The Last Love Song, is a sapphic YA contemporary inspired by Mamma Mia and features all of those things. It releases April 9, 2024 from Blackstone Publishing” (Bio from author’s website).

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“She’s the personification of a love song, and I can’t get her out of my head.”

Mia Peters just graduated from high school and is terrified of the upcoming summer. She has to say goodbye to everything she’s ever known, like her kind-of-sort-of girlfriend, Britt, and her band, who are following their dreams of going to Nashville, leaving Sunset Cove behind. Then, Mia finds mysterious letters from her country music star mother, Tori Rose, who died years ago. The letters reveal secrets that piece together her mother’s time in Sunset Cove and help Mia discover who she really is. Mia must decide whether to go to Nashville to pursue her love of music or stay in Sunset Cove with her two grandmothers.

This story was beautifully written and was such a quick and fun read. I loved the scavenger hunt aspect because it had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out what Mia uncovered next. I also enjoyed all of the relationships in this book, both platonic and romantic. Mia’s two grandmothers were adorable, and I loved seeing their dynamic. Mia and Britt’s friends-to-lovers arc was executed well, and I loved their tension and chemistry. One criticism I have is that the book was marketed with Mamma Mia vibes, but they weren’t really there. Yes, Mia didn’t know who her father was, but I don’t think it fulfills the Mamma Mia characteristics that were promised. Despite that, I loved the musical elements, like the snippets of songs written by Mia’s mother and Mia herself and the love triangle between Tori Rose, her bandmate, and her best friend. Kalie Holford’s debut novel is a heartfelt love story about growing up and letting go of the past. 

The Last Love Song releases on April 9, 2024.

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Kelly Marry, Pine Reads Review Social Media Co-Lead & Writer