Poetry: Broken No More


I am not broken.

For so long I thought I was,

thought that all the things that separated

Me from my peers

were cause to slice along my seams

Just a little more.

Until I was a marionette with no strings,

a discarded toy,

a vase broken into a thousand pieces.

I stopped believing then,

Believing in all the good that

has kept me alive.

And I fell—man did I fall.

But I’m back.

In my time in the pit

I found all the pieces

that had been cut away.

All those flaws and insecurities,

I picked them up

held each to the distant sun.

glued them back in place.

Until I was whole.

I began to climb.

Painfully clawing up the dark

walls of the pit I’d been born in,

I slipped and fell, scraped my knees,

and begged for mercy.

Still I climbed.

and now I am in the light,

Standing on fragrant grass and

Breathing air that smells of life.

I’m chipped and scarred

There are things I’ll never be able to shake.

But I’m standing tall

and though it may not look it

I assure you of this one thing:

I am not broken.

Zev Anbar is a sophomore at California State University San Marcos, where he is majoring in Creative Writing. In his spare time, he works at the local movie theatre and enjoys smiling at children who are excited about their movies. His ambition in life is to become a best-selling writer and a teacher comparable to Mr. Feeny.