Our Favorite Percy Jackson Couples


The upcoming release of the new Percy Jackson and the Olympians television series has us reminiscing about our favorite demigods, including the couples we adored in middle school. Today we’re highlighting five of our most-loved camp couples. We couldn’t possibly rank them, but we are excited to share some iconic moments that reveal what makes each of these pairings so memorable.

Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase

These two are the gold standard of romance not only in the YA genre, but in fiction in general. They are the epitome of childhood friends-to-lovers (we’ll ignore the initial hostility on Annabeth’s side), one of the few couples where “first love is forever love” makes sense. Maybe it’s the trauma—they’ve fought countless horrors together, almost died multiple times, and of course we can’t forget that they went through literal hell (Tartarus) together. Circumstances like that tend to bring out the best and worst in people, so Percy and Annabeth got to know each other very well, very quickly. And we’re glad we did! Their effortless banter lightens every scene they’re in, even if it is a life-or-death situation. Annabeth’s cleverly thought-out plans are brought to life by Percy’s quick thinking and attention to detail. Percy and Annabeth are one of YA’s landmark couples for a reason. 

Our Favorite Moment:

“And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.”

The one of the most satisfying moments in the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series has to be the underwater kiss at Camp Half-Blood. While it wasn’t Percy and Annabeth’s first kiss, it was the one that really solidified the shift in their relationship from friends to lovers. We waited five whole books for that kiss, and it was so worth it in the end. Despite Annabeth’s initial apprehension of Percy, they slowly grew to trust each other and became closer than ever before with each passing adventure. It was only a matter of time before they officially became a couple, and this scene changed everything (for the characters as well as the hopelessly romantic readers). 

Nico DiAngelo & Will Solace

Nico and Will are everyone’s favorite grumpy and sunshine couple! We’re obsessed with the dynamic between the moody son of Hades and the cheerful son of Apollo. After everything Nico went through—the many years spent in the time-warping Lotus Hotel and Casino, losing his sister, unrequitedly pining after Percy—he deserves someone who won’t leave him, someone he can be vulnerable with. He finally has a home in Camp Half-Blood, a found family he can trust, and a lovely boyfriend who compliments him perfectly. Will has always been a ray of light at Camp, and it is so rewarding to see his character fleshed out more as his relationship with Nico develops.

Our Favorite Moment: 

“‘You owe me at least three days in the infirmary. Starting now.’”

Fans love Nico and Will’s interactions in Blood of Olympus, and we have to agree! The classic hurt/comfort trope shines through in this scene, where Nico overexerts himself with his powers and Will nurses him back to health. This is where we start picking up on hints of romance too: why does Will want Nico to stick around after he’s healed? The causal way Will offers reassurance that Nico is wanted around Camp Half Blood, especially around him (!), speaks volumes about his kind heart… and also maybe a little crush. Seeing Nico’s internal monologue going from confused to warily hopeful is the first sign that his self doubt is slowly melting away, thanks to Will. 

Leo Valdez & Calypso

Everytime these two are on the page, sparks fly! Leo and Calypso brought some much-needed life back into the annoyances-to-lovers (they weren’t really enemies) trope that every YA novel seemed to be doing back then. Their story is just so terribly romantic; we’re sure their tale will be immortalized into myth by future demigods. Calypso is imprisoned on her lonely island of Ogygia, cursed to fall in love with stranded/shipwrecked heroes, inevitably left behind as the heroes continue on with their journey. Heartbreak after heartbreak causes her to spurn romance, and when Leo crashes on Ogygia, she thinks love is completely out of the question—she’s never going to fall for this annoying, stubborn boy. Leo, too, can’t stand how stuck-up and utterly infuriating Calypso is (doesn’t matter how gorgeous she is). They plan on ignoring each other for however long they’re stuck together, but they somehow start spending more time together, and, as these tales often go, fall in love. Calypso is forced to part with yet another lover, sure that, despite Leo’s promise to return, she’ll remain all alone on her island.  It’s a close thing—Leo does die, which does put a damper on his plans to return to Calypso, but he manages to come back to life. The first thing he does is fly back to Calypso. Not even death will get in between Leo and Calypso. It does not get more romantic than that!

Our Favorite Moment:

“‘I’m coming back for you, Calypso,’ he said to the night wind. ‘I swear on the River Styx.’”

This line made us scream. What makes Leo and Calypso’s relationship so unique is how it plays out on such a grand scale, all because the very gods are against their love. And yet, they fight beings and forces greater than them to be together. Like in this scene, Leo defies a curse far older than him and swears on the river Styx that he’ll return for Calypso. We love how romantically tragic it is; they are the very embodiment of star-crossed lovers, forced apart by gods, cursed to never meet again. Yet, against all odds, they do, making this scene more romantic than tragic in hindsight. 

Charles Beckendorf & Silena Beauregard

Though neither of these demigods qualify as main characters in any PJO novels, they hold a special place in our hearts. The blossoming relationship between the head counselor of the Hephaestus Cabin and the head counselor of the Aphrodite Cabin is a highlight of The Demigod Files, and we loved watching cool, capable Beckendorf forget how to act around his not-so-secret crush. It is truly devastating that their time together was cut short by the war against Kronos. Beckendorf encouraged Silena to be brave until the very end, and she brought out a softer side of him just by calling him “Charlie.” Regardless of Silena’s history with Luke, both these characters passed on courageously and honorably, and we’re sure they have joyfully reunited in Elysium. 

Our Favorite Moment:

“Charlie . . . See Charlie . . .”

Selina’s last words at the Battle of Manhattan are instantly recognizable to many diehard Percy Jackson fans. After disguising herself in Clarisse’s armor and heroically leading the Ares cabin into battle, Selina’s redemption arc reaches its heartbreaking conclusion. Greek mythology nerds will love the parallels with Patrocles, who led the Greeks into battle wearing the iconic armor of Achilles. While every character’s death is tragic, this moment is almost bittersweet as it hints at a touching reunion between Selina and Beckendorf, who has been awaiting her in Elysium.

Hazel Levesque & Frank Zhang

Hazel doesn’t immediately seem like the daughter of Hades the way Nico does, but she has that same grit as him, and she’s haunted by ghosts of her past. Classic child of Hades. At first, Frank seems too sweet to be the child of Mars/Ares, but he has that trademark unwavering determination. Hazel and Frank are characters that needed each other to heal, and despite seeing the ugly parts of each other and understanding them, they bring out the best in each other. 

Our Favorite Moment: 

“Hazel laughed. Then she kissed Frank. ‘See you in the morning.’”

After all they did to save the world, Frank and Hazel definitely deserve time to relax and be normal teenagers. It’s nice to see some of that in the last few chapters of The Blood of Olympus, where everyone is settling down after battling Titans and planning out their next steps in the “normal” world. This moment is a precious glimpse into the lives of the demigods when they aren’t constantly on guard and trying to save the world. Last we heard of them, they’re running Camp Jupiter, so hopefully they’re able to find some quiet moments in their hectic lives to enjoy each other’s company. 

Honorable Mention: Sally Jackson & Paul Blofis

Of course, we can’t forget Percy’s mom and her husband. After the hardship Poseidon put Sally through, she deserves nothing short of the most thoughtful, sweetest, kindest, funny, smartest, most caring man ever… and she found him! Like Percy, I was suspicious of Paul at first, but he has doubtless proven himself. Sally and Paul are a wonderful match, and congratulations are due for their child! Percy is going to make a great older brother. 

Our Favorite Moment:

“Oh, I’m freaking out,” Paul promised, his eyes wide. “I just think it’s awesome!”

Paul and Sally are easily the least problematic adult characters in this series, and it is lovely to see their family thrive. Paul unabashedly embraces and accepts Sally and Percy, wholeheartedly hopping on the rollercoaster ride that accompanies living with a demigod. We love how Paul is simultaneously respectful and curious; he always tries to be supportive and helpful when he can. After Poseidon and Gabe, Sally deserves someone who will always stand by her and Percy!

Aruna Sreenivasan & Ashley Amacher, Pine Reads Review Assistant Directors