MGM: The Castoffs: Mage Against the Machine | M.K. Reed, Brian Smith, Molly Ostertag, & Wyeth Yate


The Castoffs: Mage Against the Machine (Number 1)

M.K. Reed & Brian Smith

Molly Ostertag & Wyeth Yates

The Lion Forge 2017

Trigger Warnings: Violence

M.K. Reed has a growing career in graphic novels, writing such works as Americus, The Cute Girl Network and Palefire. She has also been featured in anthologies Papercutter, Chainmail Bikini and The Big Feminist But. Brian Smith worked as co-author and illustrator for The Castoffs Number 1 and continued to work with M.K. Reed with the most recent The Castoffs Number 9.

“The Machines grew beyond all control, driven to replace and improve. Man’s fear had birthed their doom. The Surrogate consumed all.”

Mages and humans used to live together in peace. Mages hoped to use their powers to protect humanity, but humans grew jealous. These humans created the Surrogate: dangerous machines that eventually went to war with mages. It’s believed that the war was over, but apprentices Charris, Trihn, and Ursa soon discover that an old threat is still out there.

M. K. Reed gives readers a comic full of originality and fun. It has a diverse cast of characters and a story that keeps you hooked from the very beginning. Brian Smith’s artwork is perfect for middle-grade audiences as it’s both youthful and full of detail. The Castoffs: Mage Against the Machine is great start to an exciting series.

PRR Writer, Chris Lee



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