Lost and Found | Natalie Shampanier and David Pavon


Lost and Found written by Natalie Shampanier and illustrated by David Pavon

Out now from Artichoke Heart Publishing; 32 pages

About the Author: “Natalie has been rhyming ever since she was small, / And she’s still only pushing five feet tall. // She couldn’t keep rhyming while working as a shrink, / Somehow patients prefer prose when they’re feeling on the brink. // She went on to write movies inspired by her childhood, / In a little known town called Hollywood. // Her last film, “Paper Spiders” was a critical success, / But her kids are her greatest achievement nonetheless. // Raising her three wildlings is always a riot, / She enjoys absolutely no peace and quiet. // Her nonverbal 10 year old who speaks only in signs / Inspired this picture book with limited lines. // Thank you for giving Natalie’s bio a look, / Hope you enjoy reading her latest book” (Bio from author’s Goodreads).

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About the Illustrator: “Character designer, visual development artist, illustrator, storyboard artist and animation director. In 2013 he directed his first animated short film named ‘Origami,’ selected in more than 90 festivals around the world and won the best short prize. Available for commissions” (Bio taken from illustrator’s Behance).

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“They held him close and hugged him tight. / And just like that—his world felt right.” 

In this adorable tale of adventure told in rhyming couplets, a couple of abandoned toys venture out into the night in an attempt to find a home for themselves. They brave the depths of a fathomless pool, scale an enormous treehouse, swing on vines through the woods, and tame a storm of horses. With every obstacle they overcome, the question lingers: will they ever find a home of their own? You’ll have to keep reading to find out! 

Lost & Found’s premise—forsaken toys looking for a new home—sets the scene for a touching, love-filled tale. It’s also immediately reminiscent of the Toy Story franchise, which took me back to nostalgic memories of many a night spent watching anthropomorphized toys prance around, and also the slightly haunting scene of Lotso chasing Woody and his friends into a garbage incinerator. Luckily, Lost & Found, while full of whimsical adventure, does not approach that level of thrill, making it an excellent bedtime read that won’t frighten its audience. The vibrant, charming illustrations pair wonderfully with the story’s rhyming verse, and give the picture book a nursery tale feel that demands to be read out loud. This heartwarming story carries a reminder that there will always be a home for any of us—the perfect message to send a little one off to bed with. 

PRR Writer, Aruna Sreenivasan