Interview with Matt Mendez


About the Author: “Matt Mendez is the author of Barely Missing Everything, his debut novel, and the short story collection Twitching Heart. Barely Missing Everything has been called a ‘searing portrait of two Mexican-American families’ by Publishers Weekly and ‘accessible and artful’ in a starred review by Kirkus. The New York Times says Mendez ‘has an uncanny ability to capture the aimless bluster of young boys posturing at confidence.’

Like many of his characters, Matt grew up in El Paso, Texas and continues to love and live in the Southwest, now in Tucson, Arizona. He is a military veteran and earned his MFA from the University of Arizona where he has taught creative writing. Matt is the father of two daughters that he loves fiercely” (Bio from author’s website).

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A huge thank you to Matt for spending some time with us and providing such thorough answers to our questions! The Broke Hearts will be released October 3rd, 2023. Read our review here!

Rysie Koos, PRR Writer