Goodbye Days | Jeff Zentner


Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner
Out Now from Tundra Books; 416 pages.

Jeff Zentner’s, Goodbye Days, takes you on a journey through time that is an intense and an unforgettable read. Don’t we all wish we could go back in time? Carver Briggs wants just that more than ever when his amazing life is turned upside down and he loses everything. One moment he is sending a text to one of his three best friends, and the next moment there is an earth-shattering car accident that ends all three of their lives. Feeling guilty and scared, he is alone in the world with the exception of a few empathetic people. He spends a “Goodbye Day” with his friend, Blake’s grandmother, so they can have a proper goodbye. Soon after, the other families are asking for a “Goodbye Day” as well and he is wary of their intentions. With a criminal investigation under way and mixed emotions from the families, he is struggling with his own guilt and the possibility of even going to jail.