Dreadnought | April Daniels


Dreadnought by April Daniels
Out now from Diversion Books; 280 pages

Trigger Warnings: Transphobia, Sexism, Violence

About the Author: April Daniels, a writer from the Pacific Northwest, is the author of a superheroine series, Nemesis. She made her debut January 24th, 2017, with Dreadnought, book one of the Nemesis series. As a trans woman, April Daniels writes in order to give trans kids the representation she didn’t receive when she was growing up.

Last night I went from the bottom of the sea to orbit. I can handle high school.

Dreadnought by April Daniels is book one of a superhero series that follows Danielle “Danny” Tozer, an assigned-male-at-birth transgirl who is granted superpowers by a major superhero, Dreadnought. These superpowers give her the power of super speed, flight, and grants her the body she’s always dreamed of. Fifteen-year-old Danny is thrust into a world of superpowers, dealing with heroes, villains, and humans who all have an opinion on whether or not Danny is a capable hero. This fast-paced novel plays with the greys in morality when facing issues of abuse and violence in the superhero universe. Transphobia is presented in many different lights, from Danny’s abusive father, to her well-meaning mother. Daniels gives the reader action-packed fighting scenes and the sci-fi technology that make superhero scenarios so terribly enticing to daydream about. Because the superhero universe has been done time and time again, a transgender superhero gives the universe a fresh take, and opens the door to new issues to tackle, and a diverse cast of heroes and villains to encounter.

PRR Writer, Matty Ortega