Anger is a Gift | Mark Oshiro


Anger is a gift

Mark Oshiro

Tor Teen

Paperback, 480

About the Author: Mark Oshiro makes his YA debut with Anger is A Gift. Mark’s a finalist for the Hugo Award for his fan fiction and is known for his reviews of science fiction literature and television series. With Anger is a Gift, Mark takes a bold step onto the YA stage, tackling a number of social issues.

“Anger is a gift. Remember that.”

Moss wants to be like every other teenager, but he’s not. His high school is falling apart and his community is facing oppression. And when other teenagers are applying for college, Moss and his friends are facing random searches and metal detectors. Once his school starts to treat him and his friends like criminals, he realizes that he can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. Moss must find a way to conquer his fear and stand up against a system that is all too quick to label and oppress.

PRR Writer, Christopher Lee